Monday, December 28, 2009

P.S. Merry Christmas?

To all of you AVID Opening the Kimono readers out there, I hope you and yours have enjoyed your holiday season so far. The new year is just around the corner, so don't go and do anything stupid. I'm counting on you guys being here for at least another month or so. And Yes, "anything stupid" includes climbing the roof of your parent's house butt ass naked, with a bottle of Jameson's Irish Whiskey in one hand and the neighbor's cat in the other. All the while screaming at the sky that you'd rather burn in Hell than succumb to Robot rule. I'm speaking hypothetically here, not from experience... You know, as an example... Ok, there was a rough patch there when I just didn't... LISTEN, be careful out there, ok? I'm nothing without you.

Warmest wishes,
Thanks for reading,

- Jason

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  1. Best wishes to you as well, Jason. Lets get that band back together soon. We'll hide in the bushes some. ;D