Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WTF Blogger?

I've noticed that the body text in all of my older posts has turned Green for some reason. Did some searching online, but could not find anyone having this same problem. What's even MORE puzzling is this color does not even exist in my color palette, it just magically appeared.

I made a new post last week or so and everything was fine, but a day later the text was Green. So I thought maybe Google added a new function where anything OLDER than the current day would default to a certain color, but again, searching through the code and tools yielded NADA.

A couple days ago I made ANOTHER post to test my Day Old theory, but the the day after everything was how it should Green text.

ANYWAY, it's not like many people even SEE this blog, but I wanted to apologize for the ugly Green text on all my old posts. It might not bug any of you, but it really bothers me. Mainly because I can't seem to fix it, lol. So yeah, hopefully it continues on this path of WORKING correctly.

Thanks for reading,
- Jason

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